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I bought my car sight unseen as I was living in Hawaii but moving to Seattle for a new job. I wanted to have a car when I landed in Seattle. I called at least 100 car dealerships and some were nice, but due to my credit none of them could close. After 2 months of searching, I came across Jegs Motors in Lynnwood, so I give them a call after finding a nice Audi that I liked. I spoke to Gabe, he had me approved for the car I wanted and for the... Read more

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My father had done some business with jegs in the past and since day one there had been nothing but problems with the cars. From breaks to electrical to engine. Me being a young teenager stupidly returned to finance my first car. They had given my dad replacement cars for extremely higher payments and we are now in a financial world of hurt because of it. Before we realized the financial problems there cars would bring us, I purchased a 2002... Read more

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I have bought 4 cars from Jeggs motors auto saless the BMW convertible I bought had electrical problems their mechanics told me so I brought it back to them and traded it in and paid more to get out of a car with problemsthey were very willing to sell me another car for more money in the end the customer loses outI bought an Audi a6 for my sonthe Audi had an engine light going on as soon as we left the property we brought it back I unplug the... Read more

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When I first test drove a 2006 mercury mountaineer the vehicle I noticed the tire light was on, I told the sales man I did not want to buy new tires. He promised me it just needed air from sitting a long time. He promised me if any thing was wrong the would replace the tires once I bought it. After I bought the car the light ce on again so I took it to les Schwab not only was there nails in the tires but the tire tried was under legal limit... Read more

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Jegs Motors Auto Sales operates in Lynnwood, Washington and they sell used cars. Their used cars will only last long enough to drive you off the lot. Save yourself the time, money and heartache. Do not purchase a vehicle from them. I purchased a car from them and it started having problems within the first month. There were mechanical issues, then the car broke down on me. Their *** poor management team lead by Grant Gebauer's puppet of a... Read more

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